Technology and 21st Century Learning

Q1: Do you feel school is preparing you adequately for your future. Why or why not?

I do believe schools are adequately preparing me for the future! Even though some of the teaching methods may be outdated and ineffective, the intangibles that are taught are extremely important for our future every day and work lives. School consists of long hours and an extremely overwhelming work supply, which is very similar to the workforce where full-time employees are expected to work 7 and half hours a day on their assigned projects and assignments. Also, school teaches us how to work with others, cooperation, which is a very important skill in the work force since most people do work in a team or some sort of group. For example, I know computer programmers are grouped into teams depending on their specialties (ie. Java) and they must work together to achieve a common goal. I plan on becoming a computer programmer in the future, and from my perspective, I believe school is effectively preparing me for my future.

Q2: How do you personally use technology to learn?

I use technology as much as possible since I’m an ecstatic fan of any form of technology. I use technology in my Math classes through the form of a digital graphing calculator known as ‘Desmos’. Demos is a free online graphing calculator which can also be downloaded to your smartphone as an application and it drastically simplifies the usage of a graphing calculator. Desmos has a very friendly user-interface and it is able to graph virtually any equation in colour which was previously limited to the very expensive ti-84 graphing calculators.

Another piece of technology I use to learn is YouTube! YouTube has been very useful to me throughout my high school career, YouTube tutorials helped me better understand my Math, Computer, and Science courses. YouTube has also helped me learn a lot of different things,so far I have learned Java, video-editing, Photoshop, and much more through YouTube.

Q3: Do classes that use more technology appeal to you? Is it easier for you to learn the content?

In general, classes that use any form of technology appeal to me, which is the main reason I decided to choose this course. My favourite course ICS (Computer Programming) requires the constant usage of a computer, and I love using the computer to create various computer applications and programs. It is also much easier to learn new concepts through the use of technology since anything that involves technology interests me, and I learn subjects much better when interested. Also, most of the time online content is very organized and easy to read therefore it is much easier to understand information when it is presented in a clear and organized manner.

Q4: Does it matter to you if a teacher uses technology in class? Why or why not?

The use of technology is very important to me in a classroom if it is being used to enhance the current content not just as a substitute. For example; in chemistry, my teacher used to take the course content and present it to the class using a PowerPoint, in point form, oppose to reading straight from the textbook which I found to be extremely useful. It helped me to better remember lessons and also kept me awake through class which was a huge benefit.

Q5: What technology would you like to see teachers use that is not currently being used?  Why did you choose that technology?

This is the first class where Google classroom has been used so far, and I would love to see a similar application to be used in my other courses. Google classroom simplifies life for me, it allows me to see what assignments I have to complete and it allows me to easily submit my files. Google classroom would have been extremely useful in ICS (Computer Programming) since we had to drop-off a program/file literally every day and google classroom would have simplified and organized this process drastically.

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