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I have listed 5 technology in education resources I have previously used throughout my academic career.

Moodle and Google Classroom are quite similar conceptually both are websites where teachers can post class updates, marks, assignments, and much more. However, Google Classroom is far more user-friendly when compared to Moodle, however, both resources are an excellent example of technology in education. Both resources were primarily used to increase and simplify student-teacher communication, and to present the course content in an organized and concise manner.

Khan Academy truly redefines self-learning through it’s very well produced and clear tutorials. Khan Academy can be used to learn new material, enrich learning, or a place to practice. In math class, Khan Academy is being used as a way too practice, where my teacher assigns practice assignments every week. Quizlet is also mainly used as a way to practice, for example in grade 9 French we used Quizlet’s cue card function to practice for upcoming tests.

SparkNotes has been a lifesaver in courses like Grade 9, 10, and 11 English. Shakespeare is ever confusing and SparkNote’s clear and concise conversions from Shakespearean English to modern English made classics like Twelfth Night actually understandable and enjoyable.

In conclusion, from experience, I believe that those sites are great examples of technology being implemented in education.